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Strategic Alignment Framework™ for Third-Party Risk Management

Aravo’s Strategic Alignment FrameworkTM optimizes your organization’s TPRM program.

Think Big. Start Small. Grow Fast. Your TPRM journey is unique. Aravo helps you get there with defined steps, roadmaps, and checkpoints.

Aravo understands every company’s journey in managing direct and indirect third-party risk will be different. An all-too-often misstep in taking on a Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) initiative is not getting your internal and external teams ready and aligned around your risk objectives. We have incorporated over 22 years of working experience and industry best practices into an adaptive Strategic Alignment FrameworkTM to meet where your company is at in its TPRM readiness.

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Business Benefits

Achieve streamlined processes, operational efficiency, and meet business outcomes.

Benefit 1

Identifies your business vision, needs, and processes for TPRM

Benefit 2

Organizes the people and technology resources available to deliver

Benefit 3

Maps to your company’s risk maturity and program readiness

Benefit 4

Measures for ongoing program success

Ready to activate your framework? 

The Strategic Alignment FrameworkTM is a best practices-based methodology that adapts to your organization’s TPRM initiative, your goals, teams, processes, and technologies. It includes six chapters developed collaboratively with your team to create an extensive program charter unique to your program. Don’t worry, we will guide you through every step of the process.

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Icon Chapter 1 Scope Objectives

Chapter 1
Scope & Objectives

The process starts by defining the purpose of your TPRM program. Building from that purpose, we work with your team on program goals and objectives.  By the end, we have a full scope of the program.

Icon Chapter 2 Maturity Model

Chapter 2
Maturity Model

Leveraging the information from the previous chapters, we find your company’s place on a five-level maturity model. This step helps to right-size fit your TPRM program tactics, targets, and operational goals to your company and team’s readiness. Together, we determine where you are and where you want to go.

Icon Chapter 3 Org Model

Chapter 3
Org Model

Next, we identify and define the cross-functional roles & responsibilities, both internal and external, needed to deliver on your TPRM program.  This is a collaborative process that we facilitate across your enterprise to ensure alignment.

Icon Chapter 4 Roadmap

Chapter 4

With the knowledge of all involved parties, we build the roadmap that outlines your company’s plan of record for reaching your TPRM vision. We do this through a phased implementation that incorporates learned insights for continuous program optimization and tactical decision-making.

Icon Chapter 5 : Blueprints

Chapter 5

Depending on your scope, a blueprint is created for each risk category. Each blueprint maps out your software functionality, technologies, and integrations needed to deliver a particular risk domain. These blueprints ensure you have a documented model to locate gaps as well as paths you already have in place that work.

Icon Chapter 6 : Success Metrics

Chapter 6
Success Metrics

We complete your Program Charter with success metrics that measure operational and business outcomes. It allows your team to see progressive business value impact as your third-party risk coverages increase and your program matures.

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