Boston University Case Study

Automating Vendor Management for Efficiency and Compliance

How Aravo’s SaaS solution saved BU time and money while improving data quality and financial control.

With limited internal resource, BU was continually challenged by data quality issues in the vendor master that made it difficult to register vendors and analyze their supply chain. Challenges included:

  • Overwhelming number of suppliers
  • Manual, decentralized vendor management processes
  • Legacy vendor master with data quality issues that prevented migration to new ERP system
  • Vendor management processes were decentralized and manual
  • Inability to enforce standard payment terms
  • Vendor management problems stalling a new payment initiative that later yielded $16M on a supply base of $325M

Learn how Aravo implemented a single vendor management solution that created one “source of truth” for suppliers across BU’s entire organization, saving BU millions of dollars, improving cash flow, and simplifying supplier and third-party management.


Aravo Case Study - Boston University

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