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Because they often operate in regions where there is higher risk of bribery and corruption and places where resources are state-owned, mining and metals firms must be especially diligent about monitoring third-party bribery and corruption risk. In addition to US FCPA and other regulatory compliance, mining operations also face public scrutiny for ethical business practices and environmental safety, even when those activities are conducted by organizations in their vast third-party networks.

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Operating on five continents, one of the world’s largest gold mining companies works with Aravo for a centralized, enterprise-wide view of third-party risk as well as visibility into contract ownership, spend transparency, and financial controls. Previously relying on manual calculations and spreadsheets, the company can now consolidate nine separate risk scores into a single weighted risk score for each of its third parties, providing immediate insight into the overall risk profile of their third-party ecosystem.

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Aravo delivers award-winning, market-leading cloud-based solutions for managing third-party governance, risk, compliance, and performance.
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