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GDPR & Third Parties – Expert Perspectives

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has revealed that third-party risk management teams can’t just “tick a box” when approaching compliance programs.

In this is a special interactive session GDPR experts answer questions on GDPR and third parties. Join GDPR expert Simon McDougall, Managing Director, Promontory Financial Group and Anna Mazzone, Managing Director, International, Global Head of Financial Services at Aravo Solutions as they provide expert answers to your toughest GDPR questions.

Topics covered include:

  • Data processors and collectors
  • Contracts & record keeping
  • Regulator expectations
  • Program integration
  • Data breaches & incident response/reporting
  • Data security
  • GDPR & PSD2
  • Data protection officer responsibilities
  • Fines & responsibility expectations, and more


Simon McDougall

Simon McDougall
Managing Director, GDPR Expert
Promontory Financial, London

Aravo - Anna Mazzone

Anna Mazzone
Managing Director, International,
Global Head of Financial Services

For more information about how Aravo can help improve your Third Party Risk Management programs, please contact us.

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