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How to Develop Your Third-Party Program Maturity

Regulators expect good governance and oversight of third-party risk management. Yet, TPRM is a relatively new discipline and companies are at radically different stages of maturity depending on their industry, size, and culture. From a discipline that had largely evolved from siloed and ad-hoc processes, there’s a growing recognition that a more automated, standardized and enterprise-wide view of risk is required.

This webinar will explore TPRM best practices, processes, and tools including:

  • Third-party risk maturity models
  • Governance structures
  • Board accountability
  • Escalation protocols
  • Executive, management, and operational-level responsibilities
  • Reporting and interaction of the board and senior-level committees
  • How (the right) technology can support maturation and better governance, and support the oversight requirements of the board


Jeannie M Pumphrey

Jeannie M Pumphrey
Partner, Specializing in Third-Party Risk Management, Strategic Sourcing
and Supply Management
Venetia Partners

Aravo - Anna Mazzone

Anna Mazzone
Managing Director, International. Global Head of Financial Services
Aravo Solutions

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