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RiskTech Quadrant® for Third-Party Risk Management Systems 2019

“From an underlying technology perspective, Aravo is strong in the 3PRM space. It has a modern technology stack that underpins all of its products, and scalability, in particular, is high.”

Third-party risk management has seen a considerable growth in terms of actual spend and focus from a methodological and technological perspective. Chartis-Research, the leading provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk technology, takes a detailed look at Aravo’s functionalities and scoring in their 2019 Chartis RiskTech Quadrant®.

If you are in the process of considering technology options for third party risk, this is an independent piece of research that you should factor into your vendor selection process. It provides expert analyst assessments of the third-party risk management space, including:

  • The RiskTech Quadrant® for Third-Party Risk Management Systems 2019 – an important tool for companies who are assessing their own third-party risk management technology requirements.
  • Leading practices from Aravo, who scored highly across a wide range of criterion, including data management, pre-packed rules, automation controls, domain knowledge, and track record of successful deployments.
  • The benefit of Aravo’s pre-built enhanced due-diligence applications for GDPR, ABAC, Financial Services, and Information Security.
  • An overview of the broad range of end-to-end capabilities offered in the Aravo system.

“We scored Aravo particularly highly for its automation capabilities, which we view as a key strength as it reduces users’ operational burden.”

Chartis Report TPRM RiskTech Quadrant - Aravo

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