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Your third-party ecosystem is intrinsically linked to the success and reputation of your business.

When your third-party relationships are effective, you benefit from better financial outcomes, innovation, and business resiliency. But when they fail, their failures become yours – only magnified. This means how you manage your third-party vendors is business-critical.

Market leaders for almost 20 years now, our unrivalled domain expertise helps you better accelerate and optimize your third-party management programs, delivering better business outcomes faster, and ensuring you have the ability to adapt as your programs evolve. Built on technology designed for usability, agility and scale, even the most complex organizations can keep pace with the high-velocity of regulatory change and achieve a complete view of their third-party ecosystem throughout the lifecycle of the relationship.

The Definition of Better Business

Aravo’s people, our products and our services all work to support a greater purpose. We call this “better business”. It is built on acting with integrity. It commands better performance, delivering better efficiency, collaboration, and financial outcomes. It inspires trust. But better business is more than that – it’s about lifting the standard of an entire business ecosystem to build a better world.

Award winning GRC Technology

Aravo’s cloud-based platform is designed for usability, agility, security and scale. It delivers a powerful set of capabilities for GRC automation, including a relational data model, document and content management, automated workflow management and interactive reporting and visualization.
Map to your own governance frameworks

The Aravo difference starts with our award-winning GRC technology. Aravo’s cloud-based platform is designed for usability, agility, security, and scale. It delivers a powerful set of capabilities for GRC automation, including a relational data model, document and content management, automated workflow management, and interactive reporting and visualization.

The platform allows you to adapt a broad range of capabilities to your requirements, build new applications, and integrate easily with internal business systems and third-party risk content providers. Even the most complex of configuration changes are made with clicks not code.

Multi-buyer/multi-supplier communities

Large, complex enterprises select the Aravo platform, as it can map to their own governance frameworks, automate complex business process workflows, integrate with multiple systems, and accommodate any number of risk domains and appetites. Global organizations love our ability to internationalize.

Pre-defined best practice applications

It’s also the platform our experts have used to build pre-defined best practice applications – designed to help any organization stand up a best-practice program, quickly, cost effectively, and confidently.

The ease of configurability

The ease of configurability of our applications, made with simple drag-and-drop changes, means that risk and compliance professionals can adapt the application to their requirements – without IT or consultant support.

Adapt and scale as your programs evolve

Because it’s built on a common SaaS platform, you’ll be agile in a rapidly changing business and regulatory environment. You’ll always have access to the latest innovations, and you’ll always have the ability to adapt and scale as your programs evolve.

Third party risk management solutions are part of a greater ecosystem.

In today’s connected world, any GRC and third-party risk management solutions are part of a greater ecosystem. We embrace this, and have aligned with a diverse range of consulting, outsourcing and third-party risk intelligence providers that can help support the success and growth of your programs.

Our Partners

In today’s connected world, any GRC or third-party risk management solution is part of a greater ecosystem.

We embrace this and have aligned with a diverse range of consulting, outsourcing, and third-party risk intelligence providers that can help support the success and growth of your programs.

Advisory, Implementation, and Outsourcing Partners
These partners offer domain expertise and can help companies assess, design, and implement comprehensive third-party risk management programs. They can also support the ongoing management of a program in the form of outsourced third-party collaboration, data validation, and due diligence services.

Deloitte’s Advisory professionals work closely with Aravo to provide the experience to help the Global 2000 stay on track and deal with risk and compliance issues that could upset their business continuity.
KPMG’s Advisory teams work with Aravo customers to implement complete risk and compliance solutions across industries and around the world.

Content and Technology Partners

Our partner ecosystem also offers a range of third-party risk intelligence content. Their content integrates directly into Aravo and helps screen and validate third parties and continuously monitor for changes in risk profile to trigger remedial action. They include geolocation, legal entity, banking, tax verification, financial health, legal filings, risk indices, ultimate beneficial ownership, ABAC/AML, negative news, cybersecurity ratings, sustainability, and social media monitoring services.

BitSight Security Ratings are a daily measurement of an organization’s security performance generated through externally observable data. BitSight integrates with Aravo to help organizations proactively monitor and manage third party information security risk.
Aravo leverages Accuity’s financial data services to validate key supplier payment information as part of delivering Aravo’s industry-leading solution.
Dow Jones Risk & Compliance is integrated with Aravo Enterprise to provide trusted data for monitoring and assessing the risk that third parties pose, so that businesses can meet regulatory requirements in Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Economic Sanctions, Third Party Due Diligence and Commercial Risk operations.
Aravo has partnered with D&B to enrich and validate Aravo’s single source of truth for trading partner information across the enterprise for timely, accurate and complete supplier visibility that drives down costs and improves operating efficiency.
Aravo partners with Kompany to access its trusted service to commercial registers in 80 countries and jurisdictions for corporate information.
Aravo leverages LexisNexis’ comprehensive business information database to enrich and validate supplier information across the enterprise.
Integrating Polecat and Aravo brings otherwise hidden risk intelligence from open source data into the supplier assessment and approval processes, providing early warning of emerging risk trends within supply chains.
Aravo and Thomson Reuters have collaborated on a joint offering that enables Aravo to retrieve company information directly from Thomson Reuters World-Check Risk Management Solution via Dynamic URL.
EcoVadis has been integrated into Aravo to provide real-time third party Sustainability Ratings and the ability to authorize new queries of previously unscreened third parties.
Integrating Arachnys D3 into Aravo for broad 3rd Party Management programs ensures complete automation and auditability of registration, due diligence, risk management and on- & off-boarding processes.
SecurityScorecard is integrated with Aravo Enterprise for accurate cyber security ratings and continuous risk monitoring. They provide ratings across critical data points, including: Application Security, Malware, Patching Cadence, Network Security, Hacker Chatter, Social Engineering and Leaked Information.
Shared Assessments logo
The member-driven Shared Assessments Program is the global trusted authority in helping organizations of all sizes protect against third party risk.
Since 2007, RapidRatings has helped companies around the world improve their financial health, have better business relationships through the Financial Health Rating and The FHR Network, and strengthen overall supply chain resilience via a common, objective data-based language.

Valuing a great
team culture

Aravo’s management team are committed to supporting “Better Business” and delivering integrity, excellence and the very best experience to our customers. They also value and nurture the great team culture that makes Aravo such a great company to be a part of.

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