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Issue Management and Remediation

Enable a systemic and consistent approach to issue management and identify, track, and manage third-party vendor issues from initiation through to resolution.

Assessments, performance reviews, and ongoing monitoring may surface issues that demand attention and management. Aravo allows you to manage every stage of the issue management process with full tracking, reporting, and auditability.


Automatically be notified of issues when risk, compliance, or performance scores hit unacceptable thresholds.

Identify high-priority issues that need to be addressed rapidly.

Apply the appropriate controls, implement corrective action/preventative action plans (CAPA), and monitor issue remediation and treatment in a single system.

Capture detailed information on the issue and categorize it according to severity and business criteria.

Automatically route to the approved stakeholder to review and take action on.

Generate an action plan for issue remediation, route to the action plan owners, and track actions, status, and closure.

Gain enterprise visibility into the issue management process with dynamic dashboards and reporting.

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