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Vendor Onboarding

Apply a consistent, repeatable, and transparent approach to vendor onboarding.

Once your vendor or supplier has been through the intake, assessment, appropriate due diligence, and contracting process, they are officially onboarded.

Aravo allows you to deliver a consistent, automated process complete with a fully accessible audit trail. All your vendor and supplier information and documentation is in one place.


Ensure onboarding is completed in a consistent manner across the organization.

A vendor portal provides a collaborative environment for you to share information with your third parties, and for the ongoing maintenance of data and documentation.

Deliver a single source of truth for all third party and supplier information, which can extend to fourth-party data and beyond. And it doesn’t exist in a silo – Aravo provides Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities that allow third-party records in other enterprise systems, such as ERP and payment systems, to be mapped.

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