Aravo’s Management team are committed to supporting “Better Business” and delivering integrity, excellence and the very best experience to our customers. They also value and nurture the great team culture, that makes Aravo such a great company to be a part of.

  • Michael Saracini

    Michael Saracini

    Chief Executive Officer

    As CEO, Michael is responsible for Aravo’s overall vision, strategy, planning, and execution. He has more than 20 years of sales, operations, and executive leadership experience building profitable, high-growth software companies.

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  • Tim Albinson

    Tim Albinson

    Founder & Chairman

    Tim is the company’s Founder and Chairman. He launched Aravo in 2000, developing the firm’s initial strategy, financing, product roadmap, and client base. Tim served as Aravo’s CEO from 2000 to 2010, overseeing the firm’s successful evolution from pioneering startup to market leader in the third-party management space.

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  • Christina Pirkle

    Christina Pirkle

    Chief Financial Officer

    As CFO, Christina is responsible for leading Aravo’s accounting, tax, audit, financial reporting, legal, human resources, renewals, and employee experience at Aravo.

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  • Eric Hensley

    Eric Hensley

    Chief Technology Officer & Chief Security Officer

    Eric is responsible for technical delivery of Aravo’s product offerings, including Engineering, QA and Hosting Operations. He has over 15 years’ experience in the development and delivery of enterprise SaaS offerings with a special focus on supply chain management and intelligence solutions.

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  • Dean Alms

    Dean Alms

    Chief Product Officer

    Dean is the Chief Product Officer for Aravo overseeing Product Strategy, Product Management, Product Marketing, and Product Design. He joined Aravo to build an organization that would expand the product portfolio and market reach of industry-leading apps in third-party risk management.

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  • David Rusher

    David Rusher

    Senior Vice President, Solutions

    Dave is responsible for leading Aravo’s solutioning activities across go-to-market functions. His team is focused on optimizing the value existing customers receive from Aravo’s solutions as well as ensuring that prospective clients gain a clear understanding of how Aravo’s solutions work in the real world. 

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  • Judson Davis

    Judson Davis

    Senior Vice President, Strategy Execution

    Judson Davis is responsible for helping facilitate, govern, and execute Aravo’s most strategic initiatives.  He is an agent of change ensuring that Aravo continues to operate in the most efficient, scalable, and profitable way possible.  He helps drive transformation throughout the business translating strategy into initiatives that are then prioritized and executed. 

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  • Rick Goad

    Rick Goad

    Vice President, Customer Experience & Strategic Alliances

    As the leader of Aravo’s global Customer Experience and Strategic Alliance programs, Rick is responsible and accountable for ensuring Aravo clients are realizing quantifiable business value with the Aravo platform and that all consulting, advisory, and technology partnerships are aligned with Aravo growth strategies and customer demand.

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  • Bryn Sedlacek

    Bryn Sedlacek

    Vice President, Product Management

    Bryn is the Vice President of Product Management at Aravo, with responsibility for Aravo’s platform and application offerings. She joined Aravo in 2017 and has worked in Professional Services and Business Development, before moving to R&D.

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  • Mark Kizer

    Mark Kizer

    Vice President – Engineering

    Mark leads Aravo’s product engineering team as Vice President of Engineering, managing the development of the company’s innovative and scalable software products. He brings over twenty years of experience in enterprise and SaaS software engineering.

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  • Carey Davidson

    Carey Davidson

    Vice President, Sales

    Carey is responsible for leading Aravo’s global sales organization. He’s passionate about helping customers solve critical business issues with solutions that support their long-term success in their Third Party Risk Management objectives.

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  • Jule Mehnert

    Jule Mehnert

    Vice President, Professional Services

    Jule Mehnert leads Aravo’s Professional Services Organization. She is responsible for ensuring clients are delivered the very best expertise and experience across all services engagements with Aravo, including all phases of software implementation and training.

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