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Vendor Contracts Management

Create a centralized repository of all vendor contract information and automate contract monitoring, review, and management processes.

As you contract with vendors, you need an efficient and accountable way to manage their contracts and associated appendices. All too often, contracts exist in disparate systems across an organization and are tracked via manual processes. Aravo allows you to create a centralized repository of contracts associated with each third-party engagement and apply automated workflows for contract monitoring and management


Create a single repository of all third-party vendor contract documents and manage contract conditions with workflow-driven reminders, reviews, and approvals.

Capture key contract information (terms, conditions, key dates, contract amounts, SLAs, and KPIs) to provide granular control and monitoring over each engagement.

Associate third parties with multiple contracts with the ability to manage each separately and in aggregate.

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Apply the appropriate contractual controls

Ensure residual risk is within acceptable thresholds.

Maintain a single inventory of contracts

Link contracts to each engagement and third party.

Optimize performance

Ensure contract terms, conditions, SLAs, and KPIs are monitored and met.

Drive efficiency and reduce costs

Reduce operational burden with automated processes, saving time, and resources.

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