Aravo for Financial Services

Aravo for Financial Services is a software-as-a service application mapped to OCC Guidance and aligned with other prevailing compliance regulations to help you understand, manage and mitigate the risks posed by your third-party vendors and their engagements. With Aravo for Financial Services, you can automate financial risk assessments, scoring, due diligence, continuous monitoring, issue management and corrective action processes in as little as two weeks.

Key features include:

  • Financial services questionnaires,templates and workflow for FSRAs, review and approval of third parties across a 3LOD model, automated renewal review , and issue resolution
  • Financial services reports, including Third Party Assessment Status, Non-Compliant Assessment, Issue Detail, Corrective Action Details, and Business Process Status
  • Financial Services dashboards for corrective actions, engagements, inherent risk tier, and issues.

Explore product capabilities and key benefits in this datasheet.

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