Aravo for GDPR Compliance

Aravo for GDPR Compliance is an award-winning cloud-based application designed for organizations that want to ensure that their third-party data processors are operating in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). An out-of-the box application designed to help you identify third-party processors that fall in scope with the regulation and ensure the right controls for data management, processing,security, and breach reporting are in place, Aravo for GDPR Compliance helps you reduce risk exposure and create a framework for both routine and incident reporting.

Key features include:

  • A unique self-service incident reporting portal designed to help you comply with GDPR’s 72-hour reportingrequirement. Third parties can report incidents via the portal which imposes the fixed format required by DPA and DPO to ensure correct escalation, reporting, and strict timing requirements are followed.
  • Pre-configured assessment questionnaire mapped directly to GDPR regulatory requirements, together with conditional business process workflow, and email templates.
  • Ongoing monitoring ensures that you are able to track any changes as well as schedule, record, and apply remediation actions within the system in a rapid and transparent way.
  • Out-of-the box role-based GDPR dashboards and reports that provide internal and external stakeholders with the data they need, including reporting in the fixed format required for the DPA and DPO.

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