Conducting Defensible Supply Chain Due Diligence

Infographic - Conducting Defensible Supply Chain Due Diligence - FI

Having the right supply chain can be a competitive advantage; but failing to control supplier risk can have devastating effects.

As supply chains become more complex, the need for conducting due diligence is critical to ensuring resilience, eliminating human rights violations, avoiding disruptions, and gaining a competitive advantage.

In this illustration, created in collaboration between OCEG, Refinitiv, and Aravo, we show you how to establish risk-based supply chain due diligence with advanced methods and readily auditable supplier records.

In addition, explore best practices for:

  • Processes to get started
  • Identifying high-level risks
  • Advanced data collection and analysis methods
  • Maintaining supplier records and audit trails
  • Managing integrated assessments, controls, and monitoring

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