Navigating the TPRM Solution Voyage

Choosing a new TPRM software solution for your organization is not a quick voyage. Our journey map helps you navigate the TPRM solution voyage and learn more about your own program’s maturity, how to navigate software vendors, and how to make the best choice for your organization.

Phase 1: Laying Your Groundwork

For your first step, determine your current TPRM program maturity and where you want to go. Analyze your program by benchmarking yourself against other organizations. Consider pain points and what is needed to improve your program.

TPRM Solution Voyage - Laying the Groundwork - Phase1

TPRM Solution Voyage - Planning Your Journey - Phase2

Phase 2: Planning Your Journey

Research is your guiding light and you want to ensure research is comprehensive so you get the information you need. At this stage you’ll explore market research, types of TPRM software vendors, and how to approach software demos.

Phase 3: Setting Sail

Set sail on your decision and learn what work needs to be done along the voyage to get you to your destination. Narrow down your options and determine which is the right fit for your organization and requirements.

TPRM Solution Voyage - Setting Sail - Phase3

TPRM Solution Voyage - Destination Implementation - Phase4

Phase 4: Destination Implementation

Navigating implementation is crucial to ensuring that your new TPRM solution is properly integrated into your program. Effective integration, along with creating processes to improve your program, are essential steps in your journey.

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