Aravo Earns Net Zero Contributor Certification

Leader in Third-Party Risk Management for ESG Commits to Help Reach Global Carbon Net Neutrality by 2050

SAN FRANCISCO – Jan. 17, 2023 – Aravo, the leading provider of third-party risk and resilience solutions, has earned its carbon-conscious Net Zero Contributor Certification.

The Net Zero Contributor Certification administered by the carbon management company, Greenly, attests to the fact that a company’s carbon emissions have been measured and that the company has committed to a reduction action plan in line with the Paris Agreement, over the next three years.

“Aravo is proud to achieve the Net Zero Contributor Certification which represents our commitment to measurement and reduction of carbon emissions,” said Michael Saracini, CEO of Aravo. “Climate change is one of the most urgent challenges facing our world today. The steps we are taking to reduce our environmental impact are also fully aligned with the ESG goals of our customers as we help them build ethical and sustainable supply chains.”

Aravo’s carbon-conscious plan includes commitments to reducing its Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, continuous employee engagement on climate issues and decarbonizing its supply chain. The company also plans to reduce emissions outside its activity scope by supporting the Verra-certified Ribeirinhos, Brazil Forest Management project. The Ribeirinhos project improves carbon sequestration as well as provides environmental and social impacts including implementation of cooking methods that are less dependent on wood, sustainable agriculture and protection against the threat of illegal land grabbers.

“We’re excited and honored to have Aravo join the Net Zero Contributor community, as we recognize all of the hard work and effort they put into building a sustainable structure for their business and the planet,” said Alexis Normand, CEO and co-founder of Greenly. “Corporate responsibility will be the key to reducing carbon emissions and to hitting global targets set in place by the Paris Climate Agreement.”

About Aravo

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