Aravo’s January 2016 Enterprise Platform makes the world more ethical by ensuring third parties operate responsibly

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 1, 2016 – Aravo Solutions, the only platform that can support the complex third party risk & compliance demands of the Global 2000, announced today the General Availability of the January 2016 release of its market-leading Aravo Enterprise solution suite. With an extensive list of new features, the new Enterprise SaaS platform continues Aravo’s commitment to eliminating corporate corruption & social injustice.

“Our customers depend on Aravo to continuously innovate our services and technology offerings to improve agility and ease-of-use. Regulatory compliance obligations continue to expand and evolve at record pace and are driving our clients to expand the use of the Aravo solution across a broader community of stakeholders within their organizations.” said David Rusher, Vice President, Product Strategy and Services at Aravo. “The Aravo Enterprise platform has been purpose-built with extensibility and usability as key criteria in delivering solutions to the world’s largest and most complex organizations. The January 2016 Release enables these broad-reaching and long-running processes to be managed and adapted on-the-fly to address organizational change and enables the incorporation of an expanded set of popular external content to improve risk assessment and decision-making.”

Aravo’s latest platform release provides enhanced bulk operations for maintaining process across thousands of third parties, expanded real-time integration capabilities enabling broader interaction with external content in support of risk and compliance initiatives and support for OAUTH authentication methodology for single sign-on.

Enhanced Bulk Operations Third party risk and compliance processes tend to span multiple business functions and departments within a global organization, therefore they tend to be long-running processes. In addition, most of these processes are set to recur on some periodic basis (annually, bi-annually, etc). Naturally, businesses change their organizational structure over these periods (transition to different role, leave the company or temporarily need to delegate work to someone else). As a result, it is increasingly important that large organizations have a way of easily reassigning the work associated with these long-running or recurring processes to the appropriate resources within their businesses to align with the current state of roles and responsibilities. Aravo has enhanced bulk updates to apply to broader scenarios (workflow starters, workflow delegates and in-process/pending data) within the system to ensure that critical activities are assigned to the correct resources within the organization – even as the business changes.

This is a dramatic efficiency improvement within the platform and ensures agility within the overall risk and compliance program to adapt to changes within your environment.

Expanded Real-time Integration Capabilities Aravo’s Dynamic URL Integration framework has been enhanced to support higher granularity of execution within the system. As of January 2016, Dynamic URL integration can be configured to occur “silently” behind the scenes delivering higher automation for due diligence processes that rely on content from external systems.

These enhanced actions allow for management by exception by engaging users only if the results from the external system dictate the need for further inspection or review. This approach is far more scalable for organizations with high volumes of third party relationships that require initial or continuous risk assessment and due diligence within the system.

OAUTH Support for Single Sign-On Aravo’s January 2016 Release includes support for OAUTH as an additional single sign-on methodology for organizations that prefer to leverage this more modern open authentication and authorization framework instead of SAML 2.0.

About Aravo

Aravo’s employees are dedicated to making the world more ethical by eliminating corporate corruption and social injustice. Aravo manages the complex global compliance programs for the top industry leaders in pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, financial services, consumer packaged goods, technology, mining, automotive, retail and manufacturing. Accenture, Cisco, GE, Unilever, and Visa, amongst others, count on Aravo’s market leading solution to deliver configurability, rapid time-to-value and localized solutions. Aravo currently supports a user base of 65,000 corporate users managing 3.1 million third parties in 33 languages and 112 countries. Aravo is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices across the US, Europe and Asia.