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TPRM Integration Framework

Integrate our best-in-breed capabilities and data management with your existing enterprise systems.

An unmatched 3rd party risk management integration framework

Deliver connection and transparency across the enterprise

Aravo’s flexible integration framework means that the system can integrate with any number of business systems including enterprise resource planning (ERP), procure-to-pay (P2P), accounts payable (AP), governance, risk and compliance (GRC), enterprise risk management (ERM), and in-house built systems.

One of the greatest challenges for any third-party management program can be integration between different business systems.

With Aravo, you don’t create yet another business silo, but can integrate our best-in-breed capabilities and data management with your existing enterprise systems.

You reap the benefits of increased efficiency and effectiveness in your processes and reduce the disruption and blind-spots caused by having all your data in disparate systems.

Benefits for You

Avoid system and data silos

Integrates with any number of business systems.

Deliver enterprise process efficiency

Create a golden record for third parties and share core data across other systems and functions.

Deliver flexibility and agility

Integrations that fit your enterprise technology stack, program requirements, timeframes, and budgets.

Deliver better ROI

Deliver better third party management without the need to rip and replace existing systems.

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Aravo delivers award-winning, market-leading cloud-based solutions for managing third party governance, risk, compliance, and performance.
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