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TPRM for Financial Services: Innovating Your Program

Learn how a leading bank, Synovus, rapidly matured their Third-Party Risk Management program by understanding where they were on their maturity journey, and implementing a proactive and thoughtful plan for taking their program forward.

In a highly regulated industry, and with close to one thousand different vendors and multiple internal stakeholder teams, Synovus was able to innovate, act proactively and mature their third-party risk management program quickly.

Join Kris King, Former Program Manager – Third Party Risk Management, as he dives into how the team at Synovus were able to achieve this. You will learn:

  • How following a maturity model and understanding where the program was today, and where Synovus wanted to be, helped provide a clear action plan for program development
  • How all stakeholders were considered in the development of the plan, including internal stakeholders across the bank, as well as third parties and vendors
  • How automated workflows have supported the program’s efficiency and agility
  • How usability and meaningful instructions made a big difference to adoption
  • What reporting and dashboards the program utilizes and how they make a difference to the program and deliver confidence to senior management
  • What’s next in the journey

This webinar was featured as part of the Third-Party Risk Association 2021 Spring Summit that focused on innovation, and includes a wide range of practical approaches to take back to your own third-party risk management programs.

Webinar - Kris King

Kris King, CTPRP
Former Program Manager,
Third Party Risk Management

A session of the 2021 Third Party Risk Management Association Spring Conference

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