The Supply Chain and ESG: Delivering an Agile Approach to Managing ESG Across the Extended Enterprise

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ESG – Environmental, So­cial, Governance – is a dominant focus in organi­zations right now getting board-level scrutiny and attention.  

Organizations around the world and across industries are challenged to define, implement, and report on ESG. These pressures are com­ing from all directions: investors, custom­ers, employees, regulators, and activists. The reality is that ESG has teeth, and or­ganizations must do something about it. 

One of the greatest ESG challenges in organizations is the extended enterprise.  Third parties have become integral to the continued ability of an organization to fulfil their strategic objectives and meet the needs of their customers. Now, organizations are being challenged with understanding the ESG posture of their third parties – a challenge further compounded when these relationships nest themselves in subcontracting relationships and nested supply chains. 

The complex web of third-party relationships that dominates many organizations makes it virtually impossible to manage ESG processes manually.  Organizations struggle with delivering timely insight, or complying with increased regulatory expectations, if their process is centered on flat documents, spreadsheets, and emails.   

The most successful organizations have developed robust information and technology architecture for third-party governance, risk management and compliance and are able to deliver on ESG due diligence and reporting across the extended enterprise.

This webinar will detail ESG strategy and process in the extended enterprise, and the role of technology in moving this process from the static to dynamic. Attendees will learn how to: 

  • Scope ESG to their organization’s needs in the extended enterprise 
  • Categorize third-party relationships by ESG risk 
  • Deliver initial and ongoing due diligence and assessment 
  • Provide effective and efficient ESG reporting in the context of the extended enterprise. 
Michael Rasmussen

Michael Rasmussen
GRC Analyst & Pundit at
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