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Supply Chain Resilience in the Crosshairs: Predictive Strategies for Proactive Solutions

Supply chain resilience leaders from Ebay, Synovus, and RapidRatings join Aravo for a webinar to discuss predictive strategies to mitigate risk.

Onboarding due diligence is an important step in your supplier management lifecycle, but it doesn’t always assess the resilience of your supply chain when real-world adverse events happen. When your third-party suppliers face natural disasters, civil unrest, biomedical emergencies, or other critical events, how can you use technology to ensure product and service continuity and enable the human collaboration that prevents disruption to your and your suppliers’ bottom lines?

This webinar taps into actionable strategies to help you intelligently predict when an adverse event could impact your third parties (including their overall financial health and viability) as well as create a joint action plan to defend the resilience of your supply chain.

Watch the webinar recording to learn how we help:

  • Effectively monitor your third parties to recognize potential emerging risks
  • Proactively mitigate risks through supplier collaboration before they disrupt your supply chain
  • Build a strategy for rapidly responding to unexpected events to maintain continuity of supply
    events to maintain continuity of supply


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