Under Pressure: Managing Stakeholder Scrutiny on ESG and Third-Party Risk Management

December 13, 202310:00AM ET – 11:00AM ET

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Third-party risk management (TPRM) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are seeing increasing overlap in terms of where risks lie and how stakeholders are pressuring businesses to do better. When consumers, investors, regulatory agencies, and markets increase scrutiny on TPRM and ESG, businesses need better data and guidance on where best practices are aligned and where reporting is mutually beneficial. 

Join us as we discuss the current state, as well as the future of monitoring and mitigating ESG risks in the TPRM space.  In this webinar with industry experts, you will learn:

  • Industry perspectives that explore Verdantix’s survey on this topic
  • Hidden risks you may not be monitoring yet
  • ESG and TPRM best practices for increasing your agility
  • Options for automating and reducing the stress of meeting pressures from your business, regulators, and customers


Daniel Verdantix Headshot

Daniel Garcia,
Risk Management Practice Lead

Jason Lindauer,
Senior Director, ESG Products
Dun & Bradstreet

Jason Lindauer
Loren Johnson : Senior Director, Product Marketing

Loren Johnson,
Senior Director of Product Marketing

Join us as we discuss mitigating ESG risks

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