Aravo & DisasterAWARE Enterprise Partnership Helps Organizations Build Better Supply Chain Resilience

Proactive, supplier-based response to early warning and hazard monitoring intelligence increases supply chain resilience, protecting business continuity and operational resilience

(San Francisco and San Jose) – May 28, 2020 – Aravo Solutions, a leader in third-party risk and performance management, and DisasterAWARE, a cloud-based risk intelligence platform for monitoring global hazards, announced a partnership agreement to strengthen supply chain resilience for their mutual clients.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain resilience has never been a higher priority for business leaders and regulators. In less than a quarter after the virus began to spread globally, 75% of businesses reported supply chain disruption related to the pandemic, and the downstream impacts are still unfolding. By leveraging the worldwide hazard alerts from DisasterAWARE, Aravo users can rapidly assess potential business impact and trigger a response plan, not just for biological hazards, but also for natural disasters, geopolitical hazards, weather-related hazards, and man-made threats such as active shooters or cyberattacks.

DisasterAWARE Enterprise (DAE) delivers “actionable science” to the enterprise in a relevant and easily-consumed manner, including near-real-time observation data and models outputs from a variety of scientific sources with hundreds of baseline and historical data sets. This empowers organizations with access to the same information used by the US Department of Defense to observe events as they unfold across the globe. Aravo’s robust business process automation and centralized management of all supplier data operationalize this intelligence to support a proactive response, rapid decision making, and effective action.

“Where other solutions take an event-based approach, Aravo uses DisasterAWARE’s geospatial intelligence about potential hazards worldwide to focus on the possible impact on your supplier base and automate the appropriate level of response to defend the business and prevent or recover from any disruption,” says Eric Hensley, CTO at Aravo. “That response could be to collaborate with suppliers on a risk mitigation plan, to seek alternative sources of supply, to monitor the situation, or any combination of these, all centralized and managed within Aravo.”

“Today’s organizations are increasingly exposed to natural and man-made hazards as their operations become evermore global and distributed. Aravo and DisasterAware Enterprise are bringing an unparalleled depth of information and situational context, making it easy for enterprises to visualize threats, both in real-time and ahead of disasters and protect their operational continuity,” says Bob Miller, CEO at DisasterAware Enterprise.

Integrated solutions leveraging DisasterAWARE and Aravo enable organizations to take a proactive approach to:

  • Prevent potential disruptions with early hazard warnings through DisasterAWARE’s robust global monitoring capabilities
  • Defend supply chains by automatically identifying suppliers that might be impacted and reaching out to understand potential exposure
  • Respond to incidents quickly with the appropriate remediation plan
  • Recover from disruptions by rapidly identifying and onboarding alternative sources of supply

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About Aravo
Aravo delivers the market’s leading third-party risk and performance management solutions.

For more than 20 years now, Aravo’s combination of award-winning technology and unrivaled domain expertise has helped the world’s most respected brands accelerate and optimize their third-party management programs, delivering better business outcomes faster and ensuring the agility to adapt as programs evolve.

With solutions built on technology designed for usability, agility, and scale, even the most complex organizations can keep pace with the high velocity of regulatory change. As a centralized system of record for all data related to third-party risk, Aravo helps organizations achieve a complete view of their third-party ecosystem throughout the lifecycle of the relationship, from intake through off-boarding and all stages in between and across all risk domains.

Aravo is trusted by the world’s leading brands, helping them manage the risk and improve the performance of more than 5 million third parties, suppliers and vendors across the globe.

About DisasterAWARE Enterprise™

Cloud-based SaaS risk intelligence platform for monitoring global hazards. It integrates near-real-time observation data and models outputs from a variety of scientific sources with hundreds of baseline and historical data. Platform offers integrated alerting, collaboration tools, social media channel monitoring and is optimized for use on multiple devices including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. It offers offline operation, access to traffic cameras, and the ability to import custom data.