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Be Prepared for Potential Supply Chain Disruptions

Regardless of the cause, when a disruption threatens your supply chain, you need to know quickly, assess the potential risk, and take the appropriate action to protect the business. Aravo for Supply Chain Resilience is a SaaS solution that combines a supplier-oriented view of hazards that could impact your supply chain with business process automation needed to respond quickly.

Leveraging Aravo’s robust workflow, Aravo for Supply Chain Resilience can alert you to potential issues, automate supplier business impact assessments, and manage your response, whether that’s mitigation or identification of alternative suppliers. This allows you to respond faster and potentially avoid disruptions that would impact business operations.

Quickly identify and respond to potential supply chain disruptions.

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Stay on top of possible hazards related to your suppliers
  • View potential exposure through intuitive role-based dashboards.
  • Enable incident reporting by resilience specialists as well as supplier self-reporting via the Vendor Portal.
  • Filter and disposition results from hazard monitoring data services (such as DisasterAWARE, a leading risk intelligence platform for monitoring global hazards), via an optional dedicated integration
Distribute and score business impact assessments
  • Leverage pre-configured assessments and scoring that are specific to the hazard that’s been identified.
  • Analyze the potential exposure with a risk model specifically designed to understand the impact of disruptive events.
  • Launch business impact assessments to groups of suppliers based on specific attributes, such as geography.
Make timely, better informed decisions
  • Review data in a centralized location to determine what, if any, mitigation is necessary.
  • Monitor potentially vulnerable suppliers for changes that could indicate an increased risk to the supply chain.
  • Segment suppliers based on criticality, materiality, and/or severity of the potential disruption to prioritize suppliers appropriately.
Take action to protect business operations
  • Trigger an automated Issues and Corrective Actions workflow for potentially impacted suppliers to ensure the appropriate mitigation is completed.
  • Identify alternative suppliers stored within the centralized Aravo repository and launch an engagement process.
  • Understand risks associated with supply chain disruption in the context of overall third-party risk and performance.

Protect your reputation and resiliency with leading technology from Aravo

Aravo delivers the market’s leading capabilities for ensuring your third parties and suppliers are acting with integrity and in compliance with a broad range of regulations. These are some of our recent industry acknowledgements.

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Protect your business with proactive response to potential supply chain threats
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