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Flexible Integrations with Risk Intelligence Providers

A state-of-the-art integration framework that enables data exchange via web services APIs in XML and JSON formats using SOAP and REST-based protocols.

Seamlessly connect with your risk intelligence providers

Fuel your program with the industry’s best risk, compliance, and company data

Data from Aravo’s wide range of content partners can help you augment and automate your third-party information validation, due-diligence, and continuous monitoring processes.

Over the past 20 years, Aravo has built and perfected a state-of-the-art integration framework that enables data exchange via web services APIs in XML and JSON formats using SOAP and REST-based protocols.

From anti-bribery and corruption, sanctions, and PEP screening providers like Refinitiv World-Check One, LexisNexis, and Dow Jones; to cyber-risk and security ratings from BitSight and SecurityScorecard; to financial health information from RapidRatings and Dun & Bradstreet, Aravo’s ability to connect with a wide range of data providers fuels your program and puts you in control.

Aravo Connectors in Action

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Screen third parties across a range of risk management data
  • Screen third parties against a range of consolidated lists to eliminate those you cannot do business with and understand compliance and reputational risks.
  • Obtain enriched information on third parties, from financial health to security risk, to build a full picture of risk and resiliency.
  • Triangulate data to compare third-party self-assessment data with validation data.
Transform insight into action

Use risk-intelligence data to drive workflows when certain risk conditions are met. For instance, trigger issue management and remediation activity if a vendor’s cyber-security scores drop below acceptable thresholds.

Use data to drive risk-based ongoing monitoring

Deliver an always-on approach to ongoing monitoring with automated alerts and escalation when risk-profiles change.

Benefits for You

Automate the validation of information provided by third parties.

Automated geolocation, company, and tax validation to help verify and append third-party information, saving time and resources.

Transform insight into action.

Use data points from third parties to automatically trigger escalation, remediation, and other control activities.

Continuously monitor for changes in risk and compliance posture.

Apply a risk-based, always-on approach to monitoring.

Deliver flexibility and agility.

Don’t be tied into a specified provider – integrate the best for your program requirements and budgets.

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