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Ensure your third-party vendors and data processors are compliant with data privacy regulations and standards

Aravo for Data Privacy Compliance is a cloud-based solution designed for organizations that want to ensure that their third-party data processors are operating in compliance with data privacy requirements, including those set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act and the (NYDFS) 23 NYCRR 500.

Regulators across the globe and domestically in the US are placing additional emphasis on data privacy. Most organizations will have third parties (and fourth parties and beyond) touching client or employee data in some way.

Aravo’s combination of out-of-the box third-party data privacy capabilities and the ability to include any client-defined assessment for local requirements, help organizations identify third-party processors that fall in scope with the regulations and ensure the right controls for data management, processing, security, and breach reporting are in place.

Aravo for Data Privacy in Action

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Centralize third-party data in a single inventory
  • Deliver a standardized process for registering new third parties and screening for data privacy risk.
  • Gather relevant documents, certifications, policies, and data.
  • Establish an enterprise-wide view of third-party data privacy risk by at the entity and engagement level.
Identify third parties and engagements in-scope
  • Segment all third parties that interact with customer or employee data.
  • Understand all engagements that fall under the remit of data privacy regulations and their level of inherent risk.
  • Flag third parties that require further data privacy assessment.
Collect data privacy artifacts
  • Leverage pre-configured best practice questionnaires, workflow, and emails.
  • Include any additional assessments from your own data privacy team.
  • Collect declarations and certifications.
  • Embed training to create a culture of accountability.
Assess and act on data privacy risk
  • Perform enhanced due diligence with the ability to integrate with cybersecurity score providers.
  • Apply risk scoring and weighting to understand the risk associated with engagements.
  • Trigger appropriate remediation action when defined risk thresholds are met.
Continuously monitor for data privacy risk
  • Track incidents and incident management from start to completion.
  • Automate recurrence of ongoing assessments.
  • Alert users to changes in risk profile and trigger remediation or termination.
Report on data privacy risk and compliance
  • Includes workflow provisions for reporting breaches to the DPA within the appropriate timeframes, including a portal for vendor self-reporting.
  • Deliver detailed role-based, data privacy -specific dashboards and reports for management.
  • Provide an automated, detailed compliance audit trail for senior management, auditors, and regulators.

Winner of the GRC 20/20 Technology Innovation Award

Aravo is proud to have won the GRC Technology Innovation Award for Aravo for GDPR Compliance. Our analyst and industry acknowledgements, include:

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With Aravo for Data Privacy, you demonstrate a commitment to data privacy throughout your third-party supply chain. Benefits include:
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