Emergency Management: Practicing Resilience in the Health Care Supply Chain

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Explore how proactive risk management and disaster recovery helps the health care industry navigate complex supply chains and evolving risks

Dive into expert insights where we learn how supply chain disruption has affected risk management in the healthcare industry.  Panelists explore the complexity of supply chains, including third-party vendors, complex logistics networks, and regulatory challenges. You’ll also gain best practices for risk management and disaster recovery to help boost your TPRM resilience.

Webinar - Barbara-Ann Boehler, Regulatory Compliance Analyst, Aravo
Barbara-Ann Boehler
Regulatory Compliance
Webinar - John Bolla, Chief Operations Officer, Adare Pharma Solutions
John J. Bolla
Chief Operations Officer
Adare Pharma Solutions
Cathi Henriquez, Principal, Supply Chain, Clarkston Consulting
Cathi Henriquez
Principal, Supply Chain
Clarkston Consulting

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