Financial & Reputational Risks, Third-Party Compliance in Mining

From Conflict Minerals to FCPA, there are many regulations that the mining industry needs to comply with. These regulations extend beyond the company itself and into its third parties. The regulators have made clear that when it comes to compliance, companies can’t outsource liability. Regulators hold you responsible for not only for your own conduct, but also for the conduct of your third parties.

This white paper explores regulations and enforcements impacting the mining industry, across four key areas:

  • Bribery and corruption
  • Conflict minerals
  • Human labor practices and workplace safety
  • Environmental regulations

Understand the risk that third parties represent, and discover how companies like BHP Billiton are leveraging technology to better manage risk and support compliance throughout the lifecycle of their third-party relationships.

White Paper - Reducing Financial And Reputational Risks And Achieving Third-Party Compliance In Mining - Cover
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