The Power of Oversight: The German Due Diligence Act & the Push for Supply Chain Transparency

Your need-to-know guide on future supply chain regulations and how to build an ethical, resilient organization

Supply chains are intricate fibers in a complex global economy. Sadly, pull on a few threads and the fabric unravels, revealing unnoticed or ignored human rights and poor environmental standards.

Between Covid-19, conscious consumerism, and ESG, tensions have grown, leading to increased regulation around supply chains and third parties. An example is the new German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, which will lead to stricter global governance in the future.

In our latest white paper, we break down need-to-know information regarding this Act and key takeaways to help organizations meet the rising demand for supply chain transparency. Explore more about:

  • Core components of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act
  • Its implications on future global requirements, and transparency’s key role
  • The need for organizations to perform due diligence on third parties
  • How embracing technology can leverage social and environmental change

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