Third-Party Risk & Resilience in the Pharmaceutical Industry

TPRM Priorities and Best Practices to Deliver Better Quality of Life

Pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotechnology companies are facing increasing market and regulatory scrutiny while balancing their drive to deliver better quality of life for people around the globe.

Today, pharmaceutical organizations must demonstrate process, sourcing, distribution, and financial transparency across their operations and within their supply chains. These priorities are integral to ensuring they can focus on their mission: solving healthcare challenges and delivering better quality of life.

In our latest white paper, we break down key areas of focus for the pharmaceutical industry, and TPRM best practices to help organizations meet third-party risks and evolving stakeholder expectations. Learn more about:

  • Top TPRM risks facing pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations
  • How the demand for further transparency into environmental and social practices is evolving
  • Managing reputational and relationship risks associated with clinical trials and HCPs/HCOs
  • How embracing TPRM automation and technology can help elevate your risk programs

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