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In addition to third-party risk management solutions, business services must also manage their own corporate programs and require best-in-class technology to provide managed services offerings.

Third-Party Risk Management Solutions for Business Service Providers

Aravo supports leading Business Services firms both in their own corporate third-party risk management programs, as well as acting as a technology partner for managed services and industry communities.

With deep expertise in third-party governance, business services firms are increasingly developing and managing third-party programs on behalf of their clients. As industries move toward standardization of best-practice assessments, there is an opportunity to increase efficiency for firms who manage programs on behalf of clients and to reduce duplicative and resource-intensive efforts among suppliers.

Scalable technology architectures like Aravo make it possible for organizations to create two-sided networks in which companies can access a network of third parties that have undergone a prescribed assessment and continuous monitoring process.

Technology to Support Your Services

Aravo powers some of the largest and most established multi-buyer/multi-supplier communities delivered in the market today, through our partnership with Hellios. These communities serve the financial services, aerospace, defense, security, and retail industries.

Aravo Third-Party Risk Management

Aravo’s extensive range of third-party risk and performance management capabilities provide the ultimate platform for business services firms to build managed services and multi-buyer/multi-supplier communities.

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences - Third-Party Risk Management

Third-Party Risk

Customer Insights

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Intuitive user interface

“Aravo provides an intuitive user interface as well as a solid user experience.

– Strategic Sourcing Manager,
Services Industry

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Highly professional team with great customer care

“Excellent features and highly professional team with great care of customers.”

– Assistant Manager,
Services Industry

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A great support team

“A great support team makes a wonderful product and gives [the] best services, fully satisfied with the product. Simple interface and easy integration.”

– Assistant Manager,
Services Industry

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Aravo delivers award-winning, market-leading cloud-based solutions for managing third party governance, risk, compliance, and performance.
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