Compliance, Continuity, and Resiliency: New Vendor Conversations for Better Outcomes in The Pandemic Era

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The pandemic has changed much—from our daily individual lives to the course of business across the globe. While this change has created strain, tension, and hardship, it has also yielded new opportunities to deepen business relationships, strengthen financial health, and move forward together. Today, those opportunities often begin with new, meaningful conversations anchored in honesty and trust. But they can be difficult—especially when focused through the lenses of compliance, continuity, or resiliency. They don’t, however, have to be negative or punitive.

Join us for a discussion with Eric Evans of RapidRatings, Rebecca Rehm of Olympus, and Sally Sears of Prudential as they examine:                                                                                                                   

  • Key questions to ask vendors among the challenges business face today
  • Increasing internal collaboration for new business continuity strategies
  • Tactics for difficult conversations that can yield positive business outcomes
  • How to lean in to critical vendor relationships
  • Maintaining compliance while deepening trust
Webinar - Sally Sears Coder

Sally Sears
Vice President Ethics & Conflict of Interest Prudential

Webinar - Rebecca Rehm

Rebecca Rehm
Senior Manager, Compliance Business Partner Olympus

Webinar - Eric Evens

Eric Evans
Managing Dir. of Bus. Development
Rapid Ratings

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