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Now financial services firms can manage their third-party risk programs with confidence and support compliance with increased regulatory expectation.

Aravo for Financial Services is a cloud application that’s been mapped directly to regulatory guidance on best practice third-party risk management frameworks.

It’s designed for banks and other financial services institutions to help stand up a third-party risk management program rapidly and with the confidence that it has been aligned with industry regulatory requirements. It includes a comprehensive Financial Services Risk Assessment (FSRA) that has been derived and developed from OCC guidelines.

With a single system for all third-party information and powerful risk management workflow processes, Aravo helps you streamline the management of your third parties throughout the full life cycle of the relationship.

Automate every step of your TPRM program.

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Centralize all your third parties and their engagements into a single inventory
  • Deliver a standardized process for registering new third-parties and initiating new engagements.
  • Gather relevant documents, certifications, policies, and data.
  • Provide visibility into third-party inherent and residual risk at the enterprise, vendor, and engagement levels.
Understand and manage the risk associated with third parties and their engagements
  • Automate inherent risk assessment to enforce a consistent process.
  • Segment third parties by criticality and inherent risk scores.
  • Be alerted to changes in risk and compliance posture for issue management, remedial action, or off-boarding.
Conduct third-party due diligence
  • Pre-configured questionnaire and workflow captures internal and external input to complete the assessment.
  • Screen and validate third-party information.
  • Automated, configurable ongoing monitoring for changes in risk profile to trigger remedial action.
Actively manage risk and performance
  • Identify and report issues.
  • Ensure SLAs and KPIs are monitored and met.
  • Initiate action plans for remediation.
  • Involve cross functional teams and the third party in the issue resolution process.
Report and monitor with complete visibility
  • Real-time reporting and analytics pre-configured for financial services.
  • Role-based dashboards for all three lines of defence – dynamically drill into any detail.
  • Full audit trail across the entire third-party risk management process designed to meet demands of internal and external examiners.
Integrate into your wider ecosystem
  • Integrate into your internal business systems including ERP, AP, GRC, and ERM systems.
  • Extend your Aravo solution with a broad range of content partners for additional validation, due-diligence, and continuous monitoring.
  • Consolidate additional third-party risk domains.

Proven technology that you can trust

Financial services firms need proven technology that they can trust. Aravo Solutions has been identified as a leader by the world’s best independent analysts.

Financial services program benefits

With Aravo, you get better strategic results from your program and your third-party relationships. Benefits include:

Capabilities To
Support Third-Party Management

Capabilities - Risk Management Lifecycle
Intake and Scoping

Apply a standardized and defensible process for collecting, centralizing, and validating your third-party vendor information.

Due Diligence

Ensure an objective, risk-based approach to third-party due diligence.


Deliver a consistent, automated process complete with a fully accessible audit trail. All your vendor information and documentation is in one place.

Contracts Management

Create a centralized repository of all vendor contract information and automate contract monitoring, review, and management processes.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuously monitor vendor risk and performance and trigger review, escalation, issue management, and remediation activity.

Performance Management

Monitor third-party vendor performance, strengthen preferred supplier relationships, drive innovation, and eliminate poor performers.

Issue Management and Remediation

Enable a systemic and consistent approach to issue management and identify, track, and manage third-party vendor issues from initiation through to resolution.

Termination and Offboarding

Ensure that the separation process is handled appropriately, including return of property and system access, assurance of data destruction, and notification to finance to cease payments.

Optimize your Program and Reach Third-Party Management Agility

Programs evolve, business conditions change, new risks emerge, and regulations change. Regardless of where you are in your third-party risk program maturity journey, our solutions and deep domain expertise will help you accelerate, optimize, and become more agile. No matter how fast the world changes around you, you will be able to deliver better business outcomes faster and be able to adapt as your programs evolve.

Guidance, Regulations
and Standards

Today, there is a maze of regulations, laws, and standards that companies need consider as part of their compliance programs and to support industry best practice operations and conduct.
OCC Bulletin 2013-29
Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Payment Card Industry Data Security
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977
UK Bribery Act of 2010
ISO 37001:2016 Anti-bribery management systems
The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act
UK Modern Slavery Act
Clean Air Act of 1963
EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA)
UK Health & Safety at Work etc. Act of 1974
International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
SYSC 13.9 Outsourcing
MAS - Guidelines On Outsourcing (issued 2016)
Guidance for Managing Third-Party Risk / FIL-22-2008
FFIEC IT Examination Handbook: Vendor and Third-Party Management
FED SR 13-19 / CA 13-21: Guidance on Managing Outsourcing Risk
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Aravo delivers award-winning, market-leading cloud-based solutions for managing third-party governance, risk, compliance, and performance.
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