Aravo’s Winter 2011 Product Release Strengthens Market Lead in Risk and Performance Management

New “Evaluate” Functionality Enables Industry’s First Fully Configurable Combination of Supplier Risk, Compliance and Performance Metrics in a Single Dashboard

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., March 22, 2011 – Aravo, the leading provider of on-demand Supplier Information Management (SIM) software and services for Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM), today announced the Winter 2011 release of its award–winning solution. As the dominant provider of global supply chain risk, compliance and performance management products, this latest release extends Aravo’s lead with the addition of its new “Evaluate” functionality. Evaluate delivers the industry’s first configurable combination of supplier risk, compliance and performance indicators in a single dashboard allowing companies to immediately focus on key, mission critical supplier information from a wide variety of internal and external sources.

With the economy showing clear signs of improvement, companies are accelerating their investments in new markets and new global sources of supply. However, poorly managed supplier relationships put those investments at serious risk. For example, a single supply chain disruption can have grave impact on EPS and the bottom line. Whether from suppliers failing to comply with regulations, global supply chain interruptions due to natural disasters or geopolitical factors, questionable supplier financial health, or poor supplier quality or delivery performance, supply failures have real and immediate consequences. “Evaluate” provides features and functionality specifically built to ensure that such risks are minimized and supplier failures or disruptions are avoided.”

Looking in the rearview mirror at historical supplier metrics is no longer enough to protect your business,” says Aravo CEO Tim Albinson. “As the pioneer in the SIM space, Aravo has a deep understanding of the need for visibility into risk, compliance and performance indicators in real time, allowing for the proactive assessment and mitigation of supply chain risk. Our Evaluate functionality significantly enhances these capabilities within the framework of our award–winning SIM solution. With its configurable dashboard views into supply health and risk indicators for each business relationship, Aravo offers our clients a powerful, proven tool which allows them to rapidly identify problem areas and take necessary corrective actions.”

“Evaluate” is available today as part of Aravo’s Supplier Risk Management and Supplier Performance Management solutions. See for additional information.

About Aravo

The world’s best-run businesses utilize Aravo’s Cloud-based Supplier Lifecycle Management solutions and Supplier Risk Services to find and manage trading partner relationships, reduce supply chain risk, ensure global regulatory compliance and lower the cost of managing suppliers by up to 72%. Aravo launched the market’s first SIM/SLM solution in 2004 and has been the leading innovator in the space ever since. Customers such as General Electric, Accenture, and Boston University rely on Aravo to manage information and processes for over 2 million global suppliers. Aravo is based in San Francisco, with offices in Chicago, Dallas, New York, Portland, Monterrey, Mexico and Ahmedabad, India, and is backed by over $50 million in investment from Cisco Systems, Big Sky Partners, and others.