New Research Brief Reveals Suppliers Eanablement is Critical

Aberdeen Group Identifies Supplier Enablement as Catalyst for Enterprises to Improve Supply Chain Visibility and Mitigate Risk

San Francisco, CA, January 28, 2008 – A new research study finds that supplier enablement is critical for organizations to effectively maintain supply chain visibility and control for improved Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and risk mitigation.

The research brief, “Supplier Enablement and Corporate Social Responsibility” (, shows that in the area of procurement an enterprise’s position on CSR most directly affects supplier relationships. Supplier enablement is critical for effectively maintaining these relationships. The research brief also reveals that the cornerstone for supplier enablement remains accurate, valid supplier information.

The brief points to Aravo Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of on demand Supplier Information Management (SIM) software and services, as the “first to take the CSR bull by the horns.” Key insights of the research brief show that CSR is a hotbutton issue for business that affects all aspects of enterprise operations, including procurement, supply chain and compliance. Faced with increased globalization and regulatory pressures companies of all sizes are now facing mounting pressure to understand and manage environmental, labor and social risks, and Aravo Sustain is highlighted as the market leader.

Aravo is pushing the competitive envelope in the supplier information management market as it is the first mover into the space and provides key functionality to collect important data such as carbon footprint analysis, RoHS and Reach compliance,” said William Browning III, research analyst, Global Supply Chain Management, Aberdeen Group. “Companies that want to maintain or improve their business operations and position their brand as environmentally-friendly would also do well to consider SaaS solutions.”

“Many companies are becoming increasingly committed to enacting green programs, but few have realized that a robust supplier information management system can turn the entire supply chain into a strategic asset,” said Tim Albinson, Aravo’s CEO. “Large buying organizations require tens of thousands of suppliers. Only an on demand supplier information management system such as Aravo’s is up to the task to ensure these suppliers are in compliance with company policies.”

Aravo’s premiere product, Aravo SIM™, removes the cost and complexity of enabling and managing supplier information, providing enterprises with a proven, on demand framework for enabling and managing supplier information within leading ERP and e-procurement applications such as Oracle, SAP and Ariba. Aravo’s newest product module, Aravo Sustain™, enables global buying organizations to proactively obtain, analyze and manage crucial sustainability data, such as supplier and factory regulatory compliance, toxic substances monitoring, carbon footprinting and fair labor practices.

About Aberdeen Group

Aberdeen is a leading provider of fact-based research and market intelligence that delivers demonstrable results. Having benchmarked more than 30,000 companies in the past two years, Aberdeen is uniquely positioned to educate users to action: driving market awareness, creating demand, enabling sales, and delivering meaningful return-on-investment analysis.

About Aravo

The world’s best-run businesses utilize Aravo’s Cloud-based Supplier Lifecycle Management solutions and Supplier Risk Services to find and manage trading partner relationships, reduce supply chain risk, ensure global regulatory compliance and lower the cost of managing suppliers by up to 72%. Aravo launched the market’s first SIM/SLM solution in 2004 and has been the leading innovator in the space ever since. Customers such as General Electric, Accenture, and Boston University rely on Aravo to manage information and processes for over 2 million global suppliers. Aravo is based in San Francisco, with offices in Chicago, Dallas, New York, Portland, Monterrey, Mexico and Ahmedabad, India, and is backed by over $50 million in investment from Cisco Systems, Big Sky Partners, and others.