Avoiding a Car Crash in Your Third-Party Due Diligence Program

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We all know we need a good third-party due diligence program. Although all program designs start with good intentions, many end up crashing and burning.

In this webinar, internationally-known compliance expert and author Kristy Grant-Hart will share how to avoid the car crashes that can stop your due diligence program in its tracks. 

You’ll learn about:

  • The DOJ’s new Compliance Program Evaluation guidance for third parties
  • How to manage the most critical part of your program
  • How to handle policies and procedures in a sane way
  • How to manage the business and create partnerships for tackling red flags
  • How to deal with attestations, due diligence questionnaires and nasty fights over “critical” third parties that refuse to participate
  • The eight commandments of a successful due diligence program


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Kristy Grant-Hart
Chief Executive Officer
Spark Compliance Consulting
Author of How to Be a Wildly
Effective Compliance Officer

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