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Avoiding a Car Crash in Your Third-Party Due Diligence Program

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Ownership of Third-Party Risk – Issues and How to Work in Collaboration

We all know we need a good third-party due diligence program. Although all program designs start with good intentions, many end up crashing and burning. How can you meet the requirements of the DOJ’s new Compliance Program Evaluation guidance when it comes to third parties? How do you implement a truly risk-based approach? When should you train your third parties, and how do you ensure that they follow your policies and procedures?

In this webinar, internationally-known compliance expert and author Kristy Grant-Hart will share how to avoid the car crashes that can stop your due diligence program in its tracks. You’ll learn:

  • How to deal with the most critical part of your program – scope
  • How to handle policies and procedures in a sane way
  • How to manage the business and create partnerships for tackling red flags
  • How to deal with attestations, due diligence questionnaires and nasty fights over “critical” third parties that refuse to participate
  • The Eight Commandments of a successful due diligence program

You don’t want to miss this information-packed program that will help you take your due diligence program to the next level in an integrated way.


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Kristy Grant-Hart
Chief Executive Officer
Spark Compliance Consulting
Author of How to Be a Wildly
Effective Compliance Officer