From Ad Hoc to Agile: Set Your Course for Third-Party GRC Maturity

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As businesses become more interconnected, organizations are maturing their third-party GRC programs to help efficiently onboard and manage third-party relationships while mitigating risk for the extended organization. An agile and mature third-party GRC program involves a cross-functional and coordinated strategy and team to define and govern third-party relationships that is enabled by consistent process, information, and technology.

This webinar explores the GRC 20/20 Third-Party GRC Maturity Model, providing guidance on how organizations can mature their approach to third-party governance. Learn more about:

  • How to identify the stages of third-party GRC maturity and assess your organizational maturity
  • What separates mature third-party GRC programs from immature ones
  • The value of increasing maturity in your organization
  • Steps to get started

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Michael Rasmussen

Michael Rasmussen
Principal Analyst
GRC 20/20

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