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Knowledge is power – and the results of the 4th Annual TPRM Benchmarking survey will empower you and inform your program management.


Webinar - Barbara-Ann Boehler, Regulatory Compliance Analyst, Aravo
Barbara-Ann Boehler
Regulatory Compliance Analyst
Webinar - Kimberley Allan, Chief Marketing Officer, Aravo
Kimberley Allan
Chief Marketing Officer
Webinar - Julie Gaiaschi, CEO & Founder, Third Party Risk Association
Julie Gaiaschi
CEO & Founder
Third Party Risk Association

This year we have a wealth of interesting results to discuss in this interactive session:

  • A huge uptick in incidents has been reported – find out what kind, and what this means for programs
  • What’s the relationship between program maturity and the severity of impact of these incidents?
  • The impact of the pandemic on programs – the good and the bad
  • The great resource gap – the challenges associated with scaling and resourcing programs
  • What’s trending with TPRM salaries

Join Barbara-Ann Boehler, Regulatory Compliance Analyst, Aravo; Kimberley Allan, CMO, Aravo; and Julie Gaiaschi, CEO and Co-Founder of the Third-Party Risk Association as they discuss the results and real-world implications for programs today.

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