Supply Chain Resilience – Beyond The Impact of COVID-19

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COVID-19’s spread throughout the world has left many businesses unprepared to manage the impact on their supply chain. This has brought supply chain resilience rapidly up the agenda of boardrooms and into the focus of supply, procurement, compliance and risk professionals, seeking to understand their own exposure.

As we emerge from the shock waves of COVID-19, how do organizations recover and prepare their supply chains with a more proactive approach? Watch supply chain resilience experts discuss:

  • Why COVID-19 left so many unprepared in understanding its impacts on their supply chains
  • How the pandemic changed the way we need to look at supply chain resilience
  • Key risks you need to be considering
  • How to make the right decisions when things move fast, and information is fragmented
  • Five key things to focus on for reassessing supply chain resiliency programs


Dr. Erin Hughey

Dr. Erin Hughey
Director Global Operations

Ralph Petti

Principal, Operations
Readiness Associates

Eric Hensley Aravo CTO

Eric Hensley
Chief Technology Officer

An hour-long panel discussion on how organizations can “bounce-forward” from pandemic supply chain disruptions. Hosted by Aravo and lead by disaster recovery and business continuity experts Readiness Associates, and DisasterAWARE. For more information visit

*This live webinar demonstration took place on July 9, 2020

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