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Third Party Governance & Oversight 2019 Survey Results

This 24-page report by Compliance Week and Aravo presents the results of a recent industry survey on board oversight of third-party risk.

Jam-packed full of important data-points and guidance on best practice approaches to Third Party governance, the report provides important discussion points that boards and senior management should be examining to help improve and mature their own third-party risk management programs.

The report answers a lot of questions including:

  • Do boards have a good handle of the third-party risks their organizations are exposed to (some alarming results here!)
  • The impact of board engagement on program maturity
  • What are the challenges associated with reporting third party risk to the board?
  • What third-party issues keep boards awake at night?
  • What are the regulators’ expectations of the board?
  • What more do boards need to do to embed third-party risk governance?


Third Party Governance & Oversight 2019 Survey Results

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