COVID-19 Response – A Message from Our Chief Customer Officer

March 17th, 2020 Dave Rusher Reading Time: 2 minutes

Aravo Customers and Business Partners,

With conditions around the world continuously developing and changing due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Aravo Solutions would like to offer this update on the measures we have taken to ensure continuity and optimize safety for our employees and customers.

In these unprecedented times, we are tested as people to maintain our values and continuously help each other while somehow maintaining focus on the tasks at hand. Aravo Solutions was founded with the purpose of helping people around the world defeat some of society’s greatest challenges. In these times, we are cheered by those around us who think of new ways to help others. With great pride, I can tell you that the people of Aravo have been inspired to innovate and develop new materials that we will be offering free of charge. More on that below, but first we wanted to pass along the following information to you related to the continuity of our business:

Aravo maintains a comprehensive business continuity plan in order to ensure that our software, maintenance and professional services remain fully operational in times of crisis. Aravo’s core service is a cloud-based software subscription with industry best practices for security and disaster recovery. All Aravo employees are fully enabled to build, service and maintain our software and operations from a remote work capacity, and we transitioned to this model on March 12. In addition, Aravo’s supply chain has been vetted and tested in real time against this occurrence and we have not experienced any disruption.

In order to take the most aggressive preventive steps for our employees and customers, Aravo temporarily suspended all domestic and international air travel for employees. We are asking that our customers meet with us utilizing our mutual telepresence capabilities until conditions are considered safe by all relevant authorities.

Finally, you have likely already received a communication from our customer delivery team that we are making a COVID-19 Questionnaire Solution available to our customers free of charge. This solution is specifically tailored to vet supply chains for vulnerabilities. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to take advantage of this.

In the coming days, as we all grapple with unprecedented challenges, we at Aravo will strive to find new ways to help your business so that you can spend more time concerned with the health and safety of you, your colleagues, families and friends.

Wishing you all the best from the team at Aravo.

Dave Rusher Leadership Aravo

Dave Rusher
Chief Customer Officer

Signature Dave Rusher

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