Partner Integrations

Partner Integrations

Gain improved visibility into your third parties with Aravo’s available integrations. Organizations like yours trust Aravo’s robust industry-leading capabilities and subject matter expertise to help mitigate risk and promote integrity.

Save Time and Resources With Integrations

In a dynamic world, it can be challenging to accurately assess, track, and predict the risk events that may affect how, where, and with whom you do business. The Aravo partner ecosystem is designed to enable our customers to best manage their business relationships, processes, and outcomes by identifying and managing potential risk events across categories. Aravo and our partners inform and enable our customers in pursuing strategic risk management and business opportunities.

Financial Services

Unexpected, or worse – unforeseen insolvency of your trading partner relationships can impact your organization’s creditworthiness and reputation, beyond the immediate impacts to your ability to deliver products or services. Evaluating your third party’s financial health on a regular cadence significantly reduces your risk exposure.

Aravo offers strategic external intelligence offerings to help organizations understand and monitor the ongoing financial/credit well-being of their supply chain partners. 

Mature financial health programs also encompass financial fraud prevention, risk mitigation practices, and drive improved operational efficiencies for their organization. Aravo covers these bases for you with tax/VAT number verification, bank number/account verification, and the ability to centrally manage the automation of certificate of insurance practices. Whether you are managing all of your third-party transactional enablement processes in Aravo, or are focused on monitoring the financial risks of your supply chain, Aravo has a solution for financially-focused intelligence.


Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption (ABAC)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF)

Improve your compliance program by identifying and stopping bribery and corruption in your supply chain. External intelligence surfaced through Aravo’s partners is critical for aiding teams in the detection, evaluation, decision, and subsequent ongoing monitoring of your third-party relationships and underlying UBOs.

We offer a range of options to help you close the gaps and continuously monitor your exposure. Aravo has a solution ready for you to quickly deploy and support you in:

  • Screening the right registered legal entity
  • Collecting and screening the entity’s global ultimate or subsidiaries
  • Enriching the entity’s UBOs that you screen
  • Performing your screening via traditional name-based screening
  • Enhanced cyber fingerprinting to find hidden exposures
  • Managing requests for enhanced due diligence reports
  • Reviewing clear, summarized adverse media to prevent reputational risk

Cyber/Information Security

Does your organization find it challenging to monitor the complexities and cyber threat volumes of your third-party portfolio? Do you struggle with understanding risk prioritization and aligning your limited resource team’s focus on tracking the right resolutions for identified risks? Aravo’s network of external, integrated cyber partners can help with these challenges by infusing intelligence allowing you to do more and dig deeper with less touch.

Aravo helps you rapidly generate and monitor cyber ratings across your entire third-party portfolio to understand risk distribution. Once prioritized for correct focus, strategically dive deeper by systematically parsing compliance documents (SOC 2s) to gain insight into:

  • Completeness and confidence levels against industry standard cyber frameworks
  • Identify exposed content on the dark web
  • Understand threats of active identified hacker targets
  • Review your personalized calculated exposure costs tied to potential breach and ransomware risk levels

ESG / Sustainability / Responsible Sourcing

Organizations are being driven by new, sometimes contradictory, regulations to establish Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs. Compliance teams are tasked with determining how to manage the collection of information, evaluation of that intel to determine compliance, education of senior leaders on regulatory requirements, as well as ensuring the accuracy and auditability of their program data.

The broadness and scale of the increasing number of regulations can make it challenging to confidently find an effective starting point to achieve a meaningful understanding of your third party’s ESG compliance state. The journey begins with establishing a high-level risk distribution of your supply chain, prioritizing your targets for incremental collection of information, and then verifying risks, initiating remediation and reporting findings.

Aravo provides the available tools for rapid supply chain ESG rating insights to help in prioritization.  Aravo natively offers thorough compliance assessments across 18 mainstream regulations. External intelligence can be incorporated into your program through Aravo’s standard offerings to capture accurate and verified responsible sourcing/sustainability intel and help you automate your manufacturing site audits and surface all non-compliant auditor findings.

Customer Insights

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A highly customizable and versatile system

” Aravo is an excellent tool for managing end to end processes, with tailored workflows, emails and chase cycles built in to the automated system capability. Aravo’s strength for me lies in its traceability and high level of automation. Aravo is a highly customizable and versatile system. “

– Social Accountability Manager, Global Manufacturing Firm

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ROI is not just positive, it’s massively positive

“Aravo provides GE with a globally accessible application for the management of critical information around our supply base and allows us to syndicate the information to our various purchasing, payables and other systems so that we can have one coordinated view of all supplier activity and commitments. We are confident that the ROI is not just positive, but it’s massively positive.”

– Corporate Initiatives Group,
GE Global Procurement

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Aravo are a great company with a great product which has served us well

“We have used Aravo for eight years now, and it has been a backbone of our supplier information and compliance processes. Aravo themselves are excellent to work with and have been highly supportive and understanding of our business goals.”

– Lead IT SME,
Program and Portfolio Management,
Manufacturing Company

Software from Aravo

Aravo has the market’s most comprehensive set of capabilities for managing third-party, vendor, and supplier risk and performance


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