Third-Party Risk Management 101: Mapping Your Program’s Maturity


Third-party risk management (TPRM) programs are still in their infancy for many organizations. Aravo’s “Third-Party Governance & Oversight” 2019 survey results found that “50% of respondents perceive their program as ‘evolving’ with an additional 19% calling their programs ‘fragmented’ or ‘ad-hoc’.” The added pressures of data breaches and regulatory enforcement actions can lead to reputational damage and significant fines in the range of millions to billions of dollars. This has swayed board members to take a top-down approach to ensuring an optimal TPRM program is in place.

This webinar gives insights into:

  • Understanding what stage of maturity your own TPRM program falls under 
  • Developing an understanding of your own organization’s strengths and weaknesses to drive business conversations
  • Best practices for advancing your TPM programs to the next stage
  • How technology automates workflows and aligns to other business processes

This is the first webinar of Aravo’s “Guide to Improving Third Party Risk” series


Photo Kimberley Allan

Kimberley Allan
Chief Marketing Officer

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Dave Rusher
Chief Customer Officer

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